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PWA apps dramatically improve page load speed

Server-side rendering generates the entire HTML of the page in response to a request on the server. This eliminates the need for additional requests for data from the client, since the server takes over all the work before sending a response.


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SSG (Static Site Generators) are generators of static websites that create HTML files for each website page in advance during the development stage, rather than generating them dynamically on the server at the time of the request.

Faster loading

Since all website pages are generated in advance during the development stage, SSG sites load much faster than dynamic sites. This can improve user experience and increase the likelihood that they will stay on your website.

Convenience and simplicity

SSG sites are easier to create and maintain since they use simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files without the need to develop complex server scripts and databases. This makes SSG sites more reliable and less prone to failure.


Since SSG sites do not use databases and server scripts, they are less vulnerable to server attacks and vulnerabilities. This can increase the level of security for your website.

Convenience of storing and hosting a website

Static sites can be hosted on any static hosting provider, which is typically cheaper than hosting for dynamic sites. This can save you money and simplify the website hosting process.

Convenience of integration with other tools

SSG sites can be easily integrated with other development tools such as version control systems, build and deployment automation, testing, and more. This can simplify and speed up the process of developing and maintaining your website.

Scalability and flexibility

JamStack provides flexibility and scalability, fostering the growth of your online business

Our services

JamStack developer services

We are also ready to offer custom services related to the development and maintenance of static websites and applications upon request from our clients.

Development of static sites based on JamStack technology

Creating and configuring servers and API interfaces for static sites

Development and configuration of CMS systems based on JamStack technology

Development of e-commerce websites based on JamStack technology

Audit and optimization of JamStack-based websites

Consulting and training on JamStack technology

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Отзывчивость ребят из PXSTUDIO, и их способность превращать конструктивную обратную связь в реализуемые и своевременные результаты являются отличительными чертами их работы. Их решительное отношение сделало их ценным партнером.

Владислав Петров

Владислав Петров, CyberiaSoft

Успешный переход на стек Next.js + Strapi повысил безопасность веб-сайта и данных, а также повысил производительность и скорость сайта.

Наталья Васильева

Наталья Васильева, DOKSAL

Всем привет! Прошу прощения вчера не смогла посмотреть, проблемы навалились... Мне очень понравилось👍👏👏👏 Прям то что хотелось, но не могла объяснить😁 Мне зашло!!! Молодцы!!!

Оксана Петрова

Оксана Петрова, LR-SPORT

After fixes all bugs on our site, site increase SEO! Thank you for your professional skills and experience!

Ivan Katovich

Ivan Katovich, BigGame Solutions

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